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It's been about half a year since I first tried putting together a tiered list of my favorite Pokémon and I felt it was time to fix them up. Comparing one Pokémon to the next can be pretty difficult becasue what I like about one may not relate to what I like about another. How do you rank the adorableness of this cute one against the raw coolness of this strong one? Making the list once and sitting on it for a few months has given me time to analyze my choices to place Pokémon were I did and come up with more reasonable ways of comparing them to each other.
When I made the previous list it was the first time I announced my Pokémon favorites to the world and so I was focused on making statements about my preferences more than actually ranking Pokémon. For instance I dropped almost all the Bug type Pokémon at the bottom of my old Tier 2 just to show that I really like Bug Pokémon. Which is true but... come on. I don't like Silcoon or Cascoon more that most to all of the Pokémon in my old Tier 3.
I spent a lot of time focusing on Pokémon in the higher tiers (I guess becasue I like them more) and I was able to refine my tier mesh so that the 3 top tiers from my old list are now 5 tiers (that make a subtle gradient from "really love" to "really like", haha) I feel much better about this list now than I did about my old list when I posted it and I plan to continue refining these lists over time.

Most of the changes in placement from the old list to this one are not due to actual change in my opinion of the Pokémon but just a more realistic ranking of that Pokémon against the Pokémon around it. There are some Pokémon that I have come to like more or less though. A few that come to mind are Conkledurr and family who shot into Tier 1 and 2 positions and Mightyena, Reshiram, Mismagius, and Misdreavus who dropped a few tiers. The Pokémon who get's the award for the biggest place change is Luvsic who I barely cared for 6 months ago but have come to REALLY appreciate. Also, poor Flareon, Makuhita, and Hariyama were accidentally excluded from my old list but I got them in this one. (Let me know if you notice anyone else is still missing. I want to get them all included)

Here's my old list if you're interested to compare for some reason:…

Finally for anyone new looking at this lists let me explain quickly how it works. The idea is that Pokémon are grouped into tiers were every Pokémon in a given tier is liked about the same amount as every other Pokémon in that tier. Within each tier I kind of try to put the Pokémon in some sort of order but only big differences in placement mean anything (for example isn't really fair to say I like Leavanny more than Lilligant, they're right next to each other so I like them the same. But it probably is fair to say I like Leavanny more than Ho-oh, even though they're in the same tier) Pokémon that can change form have all forms included in the order that I prefer each form. Unlike that last list I didn't list both genders of Pokémon with large gender differences, I only put in the more preferred gender.

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thatjoekid954 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
How do you make one of these?
SorenOsiris Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I'm really curious about where Lucario stands, but I can't find him. Is he here?
Leady Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Tier 7: Pokemon I respect. At the start of the 3rd line just under Magnezone. He was in Tier 4 on my last list. Becasue of the refined Tier mesh I think his relative standing is about the same but maybe very slightly lower. Not becasue I like him less but just becasue I owned up to liking a few things below him more.
vavapoop Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist
The line of "Torchic Seviper Oddish Treecko" in your Pokemon I Really Like tier is repeated. Just a head's up.

Some of my very favorites are so low on your tiers!! But I guess the same is for my Pokemon tiers and your favorites, huh. XD The tragedy of likes and dislikes when there's so many options....


You RESPECT Ludicolo?!??!?!?! SINCE WHEN?!!!!
Leady Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Thanks for catching that. I'll fix it soon.

Yeah that is how I feel. We share some high tier guys too, though (Heracross, Scolipede, Victreebel, Cloyster, Xatu, Shedinja, Toxicroak, and more...) The fact that everyone's preferences are so mixed up is part what makes Pokemon so awesome!! I'll let you teach me to love Mime Jr./Palpitoad or whoever if you let me show you how sweet Armaldo is.

Oh Yeah!! I didn't mention him in my long-winded explanation of putting up new tiers but Ludicolo is one of the other Pokemon who I have changed my opinion of. He and Luvdisc both shot out of that bottom tier (Luvdisc made it higher though) but yeah. I don't know. I just got over what was bothering me about him. I basically just look at him differently now. He's kind of like Pokemon's closet thing to a kappa.
*double chest pump to peace sign* "respect"
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